Medals List

This is a list of the Medals you can collect. They are here to show which milestones you have reached, which achievements you earned and what you have done for the forums. Also they give you bragging rights. And bragging rights are good.

You can get medals by meeting certain requirements - some are awarded automatically, some aren't, so if you are missing a medal and you are sure you meet the requirement, PM a moderator. Below is a list with the medals:

A Good Start
Make your first counted post.
Level Maker
Post a level.
Level Creator
Post ten levels.
Level Master
Post fifty levels.
Stars Everywhere
Rate ten levels.
Level Designer Contest Winner
Rank well in a LDC. 4th-6th Place Medals will only be awarded if there are more then 8/10/12 entries.
Runouw Votes Winner
Win a category in a Runouw Votes Event.
Art Contest Winner
Win an Art Contest.
Win a contest in the Halloween Forum
Win a contest in the Winter Forum

Some medals cannot be earned anymore as they were restricted to once in a lifetime special events. Here is a list of those:

My Precious Memory
Participated in the Fukkireta Avatar Fad.
The Start Of Something Big
Found the hidden Forum 43 before it became the FoA.
The Great April Fools' War, 2015
Took part in one side during the forum war.

And finally, there might be some secret medals... you might be able to find them by accident, or by looking at other profiles - but will you be able to earn them?