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These are the forum rules. By registering, you agree to follow them and you accept our Privacy Policy. If you want to re-read the rules after registering, you can find them in the Rules forum.

The Forum

  • You should post in a way that is respectful to other users. This means no insulting, hateful or abusive behavior, no screaming matches, and no hunting people across this site or any other.
  • Illicit, explicit material (ie “Not safe for work”, pornography, extreme racism etc) material is forbidden. Posters to be found with this material will be permanently banned.
  • GIF images that flash or are otherwise seizure-inducing are not allowed.
  • We ask that you type in English as this is an English speaking community.
  • Posts should be written in a way that is understandable, and how you would expect others to write. This means no excessive use of smilies, capital letters, punctuation colors etc.
  • Do not try to moderate other users. This means do not tell other people what the rules are, or that they are not following the rules, and especially do not threaten people with punishments. It is the sole responsibility of the staff to give warnings and carry out punishments.
  • We remind you that this forum is for a general audience, so swearing should be kept to a reasonable level, and not be in any images at all.
  • If you see a post or topic that does not comply with the rules (in the wrong forum, spam etc), do not reply. Use the report button.


  • Spam is not tolerated at all on this forum. This means do not repeatedly post similar items (posts, topics), double post, advertise, repeatedly submit posts of one or two words, etc.
  • Make posts relevant to the topic. Exceptions are in the Fortress of Awesome.
  • If you see a spambot post in the forum, don't reply or thumb up the post, just report it. Therefore the moderators can ban it quickly and cleanly. Ignoring this rule can result in a 1 day ban depending on how much it is done; however a warning is usually more common.


  • Reregistering, that means one person having two accounts, is strictly forbidden.
  • If another account uses your network to sign up or login, you must notify staff beforehand.
  • Signatures should not largely exceed 250px in height. We don't want there to be a strict limit, but neither should it go too far. Only one animated GIF is allowed in your signature. We're trying to keep load times down and keep the focus on the post.
  • Youtube videos are strictly prohibited in your signature.
  • If you find you want to add more to your signature, use [ spoiler ][/ spoiler ] tags.

On Runouw we uphold a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy. Your first two offenses will result in warnings, while the third will be a ban with the length varying depending on the situation. Staff members have the right to determine if you have broken any of the rules. Do not argue with the team for a given warning.
If you feel that you were given a warning unnecessarily, please contact another member of the team - moderator or User Representative - and the case will be reviewed.

Punishments will be given out as follows:

  • Warning: Usually given to users who consistently spam, insult other users or ignore moderator requests. Warnings expire after 90 days.
  • Ban: Commonly given to those with multiple warnings (>2 as detailed above), or more severe cases of rulebreaking.
  • Permanent ban: This is a last resort and is rarely given. This is given to those with multiple month long bans and showings of malicious intent. This includes spambots.

Any attempt to avoid the ban (by reregistering or manipulating another user) will result in the new account being banned and the original ban lengthened.
If you want to appeal your ban, mail the staff at If you believe our reason for banning you was not good enough, please tell us why in your message.

The Chat - for more information click here .

  • Please follow the rules of the IRC server.
  • Name changing is forbidden under all circumstances. If you are off doing something else then use /away or simply log off. (This only applies if you have joined the #runouw channel.)