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Postby NanTheDark » January 14th, 2017, 6:30 pm


Edit: Art is for art WE make and work on. Music is general Discord music funposting.
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Postby Kimonio » March 23rd, 2018, 12:24 pm

Hi. Time for the first update in a year?

New channels:
#anime: For all your weeaboo needs. Keep it clean.
#project-easter: Concerning community development of splinter site and game development.
#serious-discussion: Obvious.

New roles(Ask for one!):
Artist: Digital or graphic
Musician: People like Harm who are talented with notes
Writer: Literacy is a must
Programmer: Any language is acceptable, though we urge you to be a bit above beginner
Modder: For games and programs. Can be for Minecraft or Terraria, or hacked software like MS Paint.
Level Designer: For LDC production
Muted User: For a step before a kick, this removes rights to speak for the time being, but does not out you in any major way to the public
Namelocked User: Hardly ever used, only explicitly for users who repeatedly use obscene usernames or consistently masquerade as other users

New bots:
Translator: React with the flag of your country and the bot will translate the message into any other language.(Note: not all translations are 100% accurate!)
Tsukasa: Mini project of mine, to be used for the #anime channel as an encyclopedia of information, as well as a self-learning AI to hold actual conversations with users.

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