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About Us


Started in 2009 following the original release of Super Mario 63, a flash-player tribute to Nintendo's Mario franchise, this website hosted the Level Portal for the Super Mario 63 level designer. It has since been used as a blog to post about the current progress of the new games that we are working on.


Robert Hewitt:

Programming has been his passion for more than 10 years now as he constantly learns new things and improves.

Steven Hewitt:

Steven plays a huge role in the team in many different asepcts. He designs music, levels, concepts, graphics, and more.


You can shoot an email to support@runouw.com, or contact Robert on Twitter/Skype/YouTube at the username Runouw.

Site News

New Last Legacy website is out!

Check out the new website!

How can I donate?

Any donation received is appreciated and will certainly help us make more awesome games in the future!