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Last Legacy: Gary Quest (Discord)

Last Legacy: Gary Quest (discord)


Gary Quest is a game about exploring new worlds. From the looming corridors of a long-abandoned castle, you will find portals connecting the castle to different worlds. You must learn the secrets of the past in order to save your town from being attacked by dark creatures.

The discord will contain information about game updates and is a place you can talk to the community as well as the developers of the game!

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PixelLoaf (Discord)

Hazy Maze Cafe (discord)

Go here to play and share the latest great Super Mario 63 levels.

Originating from the Runouw.com forums, a spin-off community formed around Super Mario 63's level designer. It has since adopted its own identity and become more focused on creativity and it's user's own works, but remains the most active Super Mario 63 community on the internet.

Runouw.com forums

Runouw.com forums (Frozen)

The old forums will be removed soon, but for now, the content will be frozen. Please grab whatever you can while you still have the chance!

Site News

New Last Legacy website is out!

Check out the new website!

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Any donation received is appreciated and will certainly help us make more awesome games in the future!