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Last Legacy: Null Space

Last Legacy is a magic themed platformer game in which the protagonist has a special ability to morph blocks of ground into or out of existence. I also have a feature-packed level designer which I am trying to build to go with the game. With the level designer, what I am really trying to do with this game is make a spiritual successor to the level designer in my old game, Super Mario 63.

I have it out as a pre-release here. I'm trying everything that I can to make this game as great as possible. I think I am getting really close to calling it done. But first I want to see what other people think about it.

Last Legacy: Null Space (Release Candidate)!

April 6th, 2014, 4:03 pm


- Custom control mappings can finally be set!
- New music added
- Title screen music updated
- Hard mode levels added
- Several changes to the pre-exiting levels
- Thanks to BlackYoshi for helping out a bit with improving the lava cave level
- Final level added and final boss added
- Lava now has a glow to it
- Shops become unlocked on overworld menu after beginning levels are completed
- Air friction has been greatly increased to give more control of the character in air.
- In LD: Gravity zones, invis triggers, and color boxes now do not glitch up when you try to delete them
- Checkpoints restore colors set by triggers
- Dissolve trigger added (makes an item visually disappear by fading out alpha)
- In game, opening the shop counts as a checkpoint, so now so you can't suicide to get items for free.
- Other bug fixes

Play it here: http://www.runouw.com/games/lastlegacy_nullspace_rc1/

The ending cinematic is not finished, so it might feel unsatisfactory. I'd like if anyone can suggest a way they would like the ending to be told. Also, I plan for there to be a credits level similar to the one in Chapter 1.

So, before I release the game, I would like to know what you think of it so far. With help from your suggestions, I'll make several more updates and bug fixes to get this game finished as soon as I can. Try to break every item so that I can balance them in the final release. And please, leave constructive criticism.

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- posted by Runouw

26th SM63 Level Designer Contest--Enter Now!

February 23rd, 2014, 2:00 pm

The 26th LDC, theme being Conflict, is currently being hosted by KT. Please participate, the deadline is the 10th March, make something awesome, and then private message your level/s to KT whenever you finish.

What are you waiting for? Head there now!


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- posted by ~MP3 Amplifier~

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