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Name Author Score Difficulty Votes
Hit That Switch! Runouw3.458333.19238912
Contrast Peak hi3.459322.77518381
Rocket Fludd Runouw3.788492.23963591
Cave Level seel2.599372.62353317
Peach's Lost Coins Suyo3.327682.82524354
Over and Under Trogdor3.107322.72477205
Secret of the Sky Trogdor3.161832.64865241
The Underwater Tomb Niklaw3.384622.97642377
Heads up! Niklaw3.43222.3617118
Bowser\'s 58th Lair Niklaw3.646552.29448116
Superyoshi's old Shack Suyo3.587841.99507148
The Lava Lair Runouw3.776122.84335
Classics Reborn 1 - SMB 1- Suyo3.737292.3176236
A-MAZE-ING DOORS-Chapter1 triforceguy13.181822.861766
A-MAZE-ING DOORS-Chapter2 triforceguy13.153852.8787952
Bowser's NEW Base (P Nero the DemonSlayer3.093533.28804139
Bowser's NEW Base (Part 2 Nero the DemonSlayer2.929823.0434857
Bowser's NEW Base (Final) Nero the DemonSlayer3.445542.91791101
Mario's Silver Coins fourinone3.119053.3826184
death silver star kamek3.045453.2112744
funny space kamek3.102563.3265378
volcanic inferno sedowood3.023813.0980442
volcanic inferno update sedowood3.166672.796336
Into The Volcano bowser1323.236113.0816372
Volcanic castle! Iruni1813.535712.62556
The Last Sprite Iruni1813.52.2187544
Irunan castle 1 Iruni1812.785712.6060628
World BKX-1 BKXD3.552632.2830238
DeathDesert supermegamario2.7253.3571440
Auto Level: Sky seel3.585112.0866194
Name Author Score Difficulty Votes

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